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Input Post!

Want to hear something new? Have an idea or contribution for the podcast? Submit it here and we'll review it ASAP! Comments are screened!

Meet the Mun Entries

Would you like to be interviewed during out Meet the Mun Segment? You'll need the following:

1. At least one or two free days out or the week.
2. A Working Microphone.
3. Skype.
4. .. You, uhm, actually have to play a character in Discedo. :D

If you've got all of those, then comment to this entry with your name and email/AIM! Every week, we'll select one name from a gay hat, and contact whoever we selected to work out the best time to record.

The comments will be screened, so comment away!


Any new events? Juicy Updates? Serious Explosions, Deaths, Zombie Outbreaks, Plagues? If you've got news, we want to hear it! Post it here and listen for it in the podcast!